Saturday, January 17, 2009

Halloween Last Blast Before the Cold

Guerrilla Ghouls

What better night for camping out in the woods & taking a stroll through a ghost town cemetery?!

First priority of the day:

Tree #21: 1777 trail, Harriman State Park, NY, 10/31/08, 13:20

From a souvenir keychain & a gargantuan bolt nut, both found in the city streets (& a cardboard tube from a nice bottle of scotch ;)- )

The trees were all out in full Fall splendor

The views were spectacular

Guerrilla gang group photo

Guerrilla ghouls, ghost town cemetery at the witching hour, Hallow's eve

Tree #22: West Mountain shelter, 1777, NY, 11/01/08, 09:30

For the campsite it had to be the tags from my Hubba-Hubba tent (the yellow circles)

Tree #23: Seven Lakes Dr lot, NY, 11/01/08, 11:20

A last reminder of Halloween

P.S.  Expect some exciting new locations in far away places, coming soon!  Guerrilla Trees is finally going international!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

August Makes 20

BIG (or-)DEAL for the Big Two-Oh!

We had to go to the BIGGEST mountain around for 20! OMG we got our butt kicked! Over 4000 feet elevation rise in 4.2 miles, 1000 of it in the last quarter mile or so!

just follow the arrows....

But the scenery was spectacular...

Busted our asses but we made it...

There are no trees at the alpine summit but we found a nice spot once we had returned to the trees...

Tree# 20: Lion's Head Trail, Mt. Washington, White Mountains, NH, 08/09/08, 16:55

lion's head guerrilla in the clouds

Then there was the weird post to this blog from miss joyblah12 having nothing to do with the project...?

Monday, July 7, 2008

June takes us to 19

Devastating Absence for Gonzalo Silva

I cannot believe I missed it !!!

Sooooooo sad.... :(

We dorks just could not get our shit together in time. We missed him play. Very sad.

We did manage to festoon a nearby tree...! (Of course I forgot the camera again...)

Tree #8: Allen St & E. Houston, Manh., 07/02/08, 22:15

Despite being temporarily being disowned by my fellow guerrillas (lol) they decided it was OK to know me after all and we managed to get this one up in a prime viewing location. This one's cool, it has wooden bead eyes hanging on wires so they move around in the wind.

After various barhops, walking in circles and managing to get all the bars mixed up...

Tree #9: Ludlow & Rivington, Manh., 07/02/08, 23:44

We'll call this one Libation ;)

Total bummer missing Gonzalo Silva but a great night out ending with (bad) pool on our own semi-private balcony for 2 bucks a game. Not a bad night indeed... :)

Murakami Pop Art, Burlesque Performance Art, Guerrilla Tree Art

Brunch at Cafe Shane was delicious. The Murakami exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art was fun (though honestly I enjoyed it only slightly more than a visit to a Sanrio/Hello Kitty store). The DJ was starting at 9 but we found other things to do...

Tree#10! Eastern Pkwy & Washington Ave, Bkln, 07/05/08, 20:45

doesn't he look like he needs some yellow Adidas?

Then it was off to Williamsburg for burlesque!

After a long night out...

Tree#11: 41 Ave & 24 St, Qns, 07/06/08, 13:30

gas mask

5-Borough City-Wide Installation Party

The Bronx: I ventured out alone, risking gum on the bottom of my shoe to tag the Bronx before meeting everyone back in Manhattan.

Tree#12: 180th St & De Voe Ave, Bx, 07/20/08, 11:10

Bronx Zoo guerrilla

Manhattan: Looking at the map the Upper East Side looked neglected. What a perfect opportunity to visit the ever kitchy Serendipity III. The disgusting heat cut back significantly on the usual 1.5 hour plus wait for a table, giving us time to pop into a brasserie for drinks, and made their amazing signature frozen hot chocolates all the more perfect. Yummmm!

But before filling our bellies...

Tree#13: 60th St & 3rd Ave, Manh, 07/20/08, 13:00

serendipitous lucky number 13

Next we went down for a lovely boat ride on the Staten Island Ferry, stopping first in Battery Park

Tree#14: State St & Bridge St, Manh, 07/20/08, 14:50

Staten Island:

We took a nice little ferry ride...

...saw the Waterfalls exhibit

Then we found the perfect little tree in front of the stadium, across from the bodega we had lined up for buying our beers for the return ferry ride. The small swarm of officers across the street was a deterrent for some members of the guerrilla party but
this tree came with it's own face!

Tree#15: Richmond Terr & Wall St, S.I., 07/20/08, 15:40

Unfortunately we could not reach high enough to put the eyes on the face but we thought it a good place to leave Bush looking over his fellow Republicans

The officers really didn't seem to mind so much...

Then it was back on the ferry to Manhattan...


...& on to Coney Island!

Tree#16: Surf Ave & W 8 St, Bkln, 07/20/08, 19:40

sea shells overlooking the surf

Our bellies
full of Nathan's hot dogs, fried seafood & cups of beers laced with sand, of course we had to get some rides in!

Tree#17: W 12 St & Rigelmann Boardwalk, Bkln, 07/20/08, 20:40

Oh nooooooo!
What is this strange place?!

Then, alas, it was time to say goodnight, Wonder Wheel.

Queens: We did indeed make it to Queens to complete our full circuit. After more drinks & dinner at Cafe Henri in Long Island City we barely had the energy for our final installation! With just minutes to go before the day ended...

Tree#18: 24 St & 41 Ave, Qns, 07/20/08, 23:45

exhaustion.... ;-D

Beach Party!!!

Blue skies and 90 degree weather... Beach Day!!!

Off to Fire Island!

...where they take their leisurely arts Very Seriously

Of course, most people out there think NY beaches look like this...

It's really not always the case

A gorgeous day for lolling about the beach... warm water, awesome friends, drinks, sun, games...

But before leaving we had to be sure to make a visit to the magical Sunken Forest!

Where you can hear the elves laughing...

...& the trees have eyes!
Tree#19: Sunken Forest Boardwalk, Fire Isl, 07/28/08, 17:00

Inevitably, and much too soon, we were back at the ferry again.

Goodbye Fire Island!